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10 tips for more sustainable family behavior

Avoid food waste

You must have a concern to teach your children tthe importance of finishing all meals to avoid wasting food. This not only prevents contribution to landfills. Decorate your children's dishes to encourage to eat a little bit of everything. Eat some of your meals during the week so you buy only what you need and get creative with leftovers.

Use reusable bottles

It must combine water savings and material resources such as plastic, which take so many years to decompose. For that you can start to encourage the whole family to have a reusable bottle when you need to go out.

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Tips to Reduce Waste Food

For many people around the world, food waste has become a habit: buying more food than we need at the markets, letting fruits and vegetables spoil at home, or eating larger portions than we can eat.

These habits tax our natural resources and harm our environment. Food waste increases the source of greenhouse gases and contributes to climate change.

All over the world, tons of edible food are lost or wasted every day. Between harvest and retail alone, around 14% of all food produced globally is lost. Large amounts of food are also wasted at the retail or consumer level.

It's a big problem and only human beings can solve it!


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