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How to make your company more sustainable?

Nowadays, being green has to be a part of your business strategy. This can be seen not only in the products and services it provides, but also in the way it manages resources.

You will have to use natural resources carefully. It will have to reduce the impact of its action on the environment. You will have to work to make positive social change. And you will have to give back to communities.

And all these practices are like sustainability. Just go through the points below to find out how becoming a sustainable business is profitable.

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Sustainable Vocabulary Guide

In today's article, we bring you a guide to sustainable vocabulary, certainly with many concepts you've already heard, but the meaning of which you may not really know forcertain.


With this, we intend to clarify any doubts and make the world of sustainability better known. Here you will find the most used terms, and by expanding your sustainable vocabulary you are expanding your sustainability!


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