Our vision

Sustainable Makers is an online marketplace that works with sustainable brands from all over the world.


This marketplace was developed by a team that has 20 years of experience in international sourcing, working alongside its production and suppliers. More and more we see how great brands try to change people’s lives and work on educating everyone towards a sustainable world.


We believe in a new way of doing business, one that looks after the people and the environment surrounding it.

Because of this, Sustainable Makers was created. A platform that acknowledges that all of us need to do better and help our surroundings. We do this by supporting great brands that create great products you will love to own and share!


Our main focus is on providing you with products from brands that place people first, preserve the history of tradition and care about their impact on nature.

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Your Store

Your store, integrated in a sleek layout, designed for a sustainable world.

You don't have to waste time uploading your products on our marketplace, you can just sync the online store you already own with our platform! Know more in FAQs.


Expand your ad options and brand awareness.


Reduced marketing costs when compared to other sales channels.


Get more incoming traffic to your website.


Possibility of standing out from among your closest competitors.


An additional sales channel to market and sell products.

Synced Stock

You can sync the online store you already own with our platform.


Administrative processes are minimised (we manage online payments on your behalf).


A safe and secure platform to advertise your products.

Be a part of the revolution

Apply to be a Seller at Sustainable Makers if you have a sustainable brand. You will receive an email or message about your registration. It is free to use Sustainable Makers marketplace. When you sell an item, Sustainable Makers will deduct a commission, agreed between the two parties.

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