Sustainability in Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is captivating and stays in ever-evolving. However, although the cut of a blouse or the length of a hem changes over time, there is one fashion principle that always remains the same: sustainability.

Ethical fashion is not just a passing thing. It's the way of the future. From personal satisfaction to the brand, public relations and even your bottom line, here are some of the best benefits they provide with maintaining a sustainable fashion brand.

Sustainable Fashion VS Fast Fashion

Fast fashion may be attractive to consumers, but these cheap choices have dire consequences for the environment that we all share. In addition, the pressure they put on smaller fashion brands to mass-produce an ever-changing product line can hamper categories. However, sustainable fashion opens the door for the fashion world to fight against the negative effects of fast fashion. In addition to the environment, the fight for workers' rights is another aspect taken into account in sustainability.

Sustainable Fashion, an expensive alternative?

As an entrepreneur, you know that your fashion line can survive if it doesn't make a profit. In other words, no amount of charity efforts to save the Earth will survive, let alone prosper, if you can't keep your business alive. Many entrepreneurs tend to dismiss sustainability as an “expensive alternative” that is not even worth considering when the company is still a startup or in a period of early growth. However, many modern legislative initiatives produce sustainable businesses that are not just possible, but profitable.

Sustainable Fashion Can Save Money

While sustainability is often seen as an expensive proposition, there are many ways sustainability can really save your company money. For example, many environmentally friendly packaging options, such as recycled paper or biodegradable packaging peanuts, can actually be purchased at equivalent prices compared to environmentally harmful alternatives.

Sustainable Fashion Increases Customer Loyalty

The 21st century world is full of ethically aware and environmentally aware consumers who don't just want to buy a new set of clothes. They want to invest their money in something that makes a difference. In fact, much of today's fashion is aimed at the Generation Y industry. This particular demographic is unique in history as one that places an exceptionally high emphasis on transparency and social impact.

Sustainable Fashion Builds Brand Awareness

One of the classic struggles for building a brand - especially in a highly competitive niche like the fashion industry - is building brand recognition. Fortunately, adopting sustainable business practices can be a tool in the struggle to be seen. For example, if your fashion line makes a donation for every sale, such as sock pumps, this naturally encourages customers to spread awareness of your brand through word of mouth.

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