Sustainable Beauty Care

Environmental awareness is now the trend, with more and more people understanding the impact of our daily consumption choices. The beauty industry is notoriously wasteful and highly regulated in many countries. The beauty industry has faced adverse reactions due to the toxicity of ingredients, unsustainable practices, environmental impact and being the main culprit for the form of oceanic plastic due to packaging waste; but, as a matter of enthusiasm, the beauty industry is becoming more eco-friendly and the natural sector is growing every day.


What does it mean to live sustainably?

Living sustainably means making choices that have less impact on the environment and human livelihoods. Sustainable skin care is, essentially, choosing products that meet our skin and beauty needs, without severely impacting the environment or people's safety.

We all want to make good product choices, for the environment and for ourselves. It doesn't have to be difficult to create a sustainable routine for taking care of your skin.

Your sustainable skin care routine

We present simple and practical solutions for small habits, small exchanges for a big impact. When I look for products, I tend to buy a bulk or I look for the following:


How to choose sustainable packaging

Reusable Packaging

Reusable - Glass bottles are all-in-one, just wipe the label and clean with a 1-2% light bleach solution (1 teaspoon bleach to 1 gallon of water). Bottles, spray bottles, lotion bottles and more can be reused for D.I.Y. glasses or for bulk products!

Recyclable Packaging

Ready to Recycle - Glass and metal are the easiest to recycle, but plastic can also be recycled, try choosing PET, PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) and HDPE (high density polyethylene).

Compostable Packaging

Compostables ​​ - tons of products are available with natural ingredients, a bulk to fill your reusable containers ​​(such as clays, flour, botanical powders, oils, soaps, bar soap) or in compostable paper containers.

The company's mission and transparency

Knowing a company's mission can help distinguish a sustainable product and increase the overall impact of your purchase. If they represent that they are aware of the environmental impact, they usually intend to be more sustainable, give back to the communities or the environment or mitigate the social impact.

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