Sustainable E-commerce

Communication is fundamental in any business, but communicating a brand's values ​​is not always easy. Approximately 91.2% of consumers appreciate honest communication from online sellers regarding sustainable products. However, they expect to trust suppliers and not make promises based on misleading advertising. Thus, suppliers must communicate to the outside world only the sustainable aspects of their online store that they observe and monitor at all times, that is, what they are able to control and are certain to correspond to their brand values.
Until now, the topic of green transport and its relevance has been communicated cautiously by retailers. Many stores that have climate neutral shipping options, such as DHL GoGreen, do not provide any historical information other than their logo.
Several transport companies have protocols and strategies in order to protect the environment and contribute to business development with a concern for environmental sustainability.
The principle of these climate protection programs is similar for all service providers and usually consists of a mixture of CO²-reducing and CO²-compensating measures. The former include, for example, the reduction of electricity consumption in parcel centers or the partial use of electrically powered and hybrid vehicles.
However, the question of how companies can make their sustainability visible cannot be answered with communication and reporting alone. Quality certificates and seals are qualified to companies that voluntarily comply with specific and binding criteria and can thus improve their reputation internally and externally.
With regard to the environment, consumers are in favor of saving unnecessary packaging materials and, at the same time, calling for the reuse of packaging boxes.
If consumers value more sustainable online stores and products, it's supportive and virtually fail-safe to make your own online store a little greener too. After all, these measures not only protect the environment, but can also contribute to additional revenue and higher profits.

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