The benefits of donkey milk

Donkey milk is widely used in beauty treatments due to its anti-aging properties, proven in numerous studies. Donkey milk contains proteins that stimulate the production of elastic fibers in the skin. In addition, donkey milk has antioxidant properties that prevent oxidative processes and accelerated aging.
This milk is rich in trace elements with milk proteins, the milk with vitamins, calcium and minerals has restorative and antioxidant properties and provides greater elasticity and vitality to the skin. It is highly resistant to our reactions, giving them tolerance to the utmost diligence.

Photo: Unsplash
But specifically, what effect does it have on the skin? Donkey milk benefits include reducing wrinkles, blemishes, increasing firmness and increasing skin elasticity. According to studies carried out in the development of products made from donkey milk, there was a 32% reduction in wrinkles in 28 days, a 25% increase in skin hydration, a significant reduction in the number of spots and strengthening of firmness in women between 30 and 65 years.
Apparently forgotten, a Portuguese brand took this ingredient and made it its source of rejuvenation for the creation of a concept, Phillipe by Almada, which produces soaps and creams from donkey milk.
Learn more about the Phillippe by Almada brand.

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