The importance of sustainability on brands

The pandemic has changed the habits of consumers, alerting them to the habits they had. More than everconsumers are informed and rigorous with their choices. Currently, in Portugal, 85% of consumers are concerned with sustainability.


Consumers are aware of the commitments established by brands and are skeptical about their ability to meet their expectations of sustainable development and responsible consumption.


That said, brands have the challenge of being sustainable throughout the whole process, that is why it is not enough to have some specific actions related to sustainability. Brands must adopt sustainable corporate measures/actions both internally and externally.


At a time when the consumer is concerned about the future of the planet, brands must be at the forefront of this cultural change. It is not enough to prioritize economic sustainability, but also the environmental and social impacts of the brand. This sustainable positioning has been extremely important to create a relationship with the consumer. With the range of offers on the market, the price is no longer the main variable in the purchase decision. The most valued thing by consumers today is the incorporation of sustainable practices.


Being sustainable not only builds up the brand, it also builds up the market. How? Brands need to demonstrate that they are concerned with the same problems as the consumer and that they are committed to transforming the planet and the environment where they live, into something better, adding value to the brand and differentiating themselves.


The positioning of brands influences the consumers' purchasing decision process even more. Consumers are willing to pay more for products and services from brands/companies that are concerned with the consequences that their business brings to the world.


Consumers also expect communication between them and the brand to be more human and meaningful. And they all hope that both the communication and the business itself work with transparency towards the public.

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