Be Sustainable

Environmental sustainability is one of the current issues and one of the most common themes in discussions on climate change. However, many people are not aware of what it is or its advantages. Much less understand what they must do as individuals and companies to mitigate the state of the planet.

What is Environmental Sustainability and Why Is It Important?

Even if you have a concern about the environment and climate change, you may not be sure of the answer to "what is environmental sustainability?"

In short, environmental sustainability asserts that rates of renewable resource harvest, non-renewable resource depletion and source assimilation can be naturally maintained indefinitely. The United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development goes further, defining environmental sustainability as behaving today in a way that ensures that it needs as necessary it needs to have natural resources to maintain a quality of life equal to or better than that of current generations.

Achieving a balance between natural resources and human consumption that respects the natural world while nurturing our modern way of life is one of the most important pieces of the climate change puzzle. With resource depletion rampant, we risk a global food crisis, an energy crisis and an increase in greenhouse gas needs that will lead to a global warming crisis. On the other hand, with many restrictions on the use of natural resources, we run the risk of slowing down technological and economic advancement.

Environmental Sustainability Issues

Achieving environmental and economic sustainability has challenges. There are many issues surrounding this delicate balance between maintaining our ecosystem and at the same time ensuring a high quality of life.

Environmental protection: conserving ecosystems, air quality, integrity and sustainability of our resources to provide a clean and healthy environment.

Economic development: providing a level of economic well-being to someone today without compromising the ability of future generations to enjoy the same financial benefits.

Social development: providing access to basic resources to ensure a high level of social achievement, including an end to poverty and hunger, better education standards, and better sanitation and water quality.

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