Who is the sustainable consumer?

If sustainability, applied to our society, is the harmonious relationship between industry, consumers and the environment, then a sustainable consumer is simply someone that “fits” in this puzzle. This is done both by carrying out a lifestyle that respects the environment and by participating in the market by making responsible and sustainable choices.

This ultimately means that a sustainable consumer can range from an individual with the bare minimum conscience about their impact in the world to entire communities that reject conventional lifestyles and realize a life in deep contact with nature. No matter where a person falls on this spectrum, the one thing in common is the consciousness of an environmental responsibility and, therefore, caution when it comes to purchasing habits, which always consider the lifestyle and often do not buy things impulsively.

This ultimately means that, to most consumers, user-friendly design is the most important attribute to any product/service.

From veganism and vegetarians, to labor and environmental activists, passing through housewives, hikers or artists, they all can view sustainability as a crucial factor in life and want to incorporate green values in their daily-life, from food, clothing and art to food, amenities and healthcare.

If one wants success with a target characterized as, for example, sustainable, companies have to be able to crack the code of the often complex needs of these niche groups. Persona building is usually a good tool to do this, however, it should be disclaimed that stereotyping is not the intended result of this process, only the gain of some insights of general trends inside a target group.

In conclusion, no matter how developed a consumer’s environmental consciousness is, it is the duty of anyone on the “harmonious relationship” to be better towards each other and create a society where as many consumers as possible are enthusiastic about saving the planet.

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