WOKEUPLIKETHIS Can You Give Us The Opportunity To Stay In Our Pyjamas All Day!

Do you want to be stylish, comfortable and sustainable at any time of the day ? With the quarantine, we have seen that pyjamas are an essential item of clothing. 

So let me introduce you to the modern and eco-friendly brand “Woke Up Like This” which creates the best pyjamas to be worn outside of your bedroom. Wearing pyjamas during the day and for any occasion is now possible ! 

  • Responsible pyjamas 

  • Nadia, the founder, promotes Slow Fashion and decided to create less but better and choose quality over quantity. The brand uses natural fibre like Tencel, which is 100% eucalyptus fibre.

    It is revolutionary botanic fabric, fibre from the wood pulp of sustainable. Tencel is not only comfortable and soft to touch but also is known for its unique biodegradable properties. The Tencel production process is non-toxic and eco-responsible. Tencel is able to be reused again and again. Tencel is cool in summer, warm in winter and it’s naturally stink-resistant. 

    To be in line with the brand’s philosophy, the entire production chain is designed to respect the planet as much as possible. The packaging is eco-friendly, respectful and conscious and completely plastic free and minimalistic. FSC (Forest stewardship Council) certified packaging.

  • Artists in the spotlight 

  • WOKEUPLIKETHIS collaborated with the young artists to design their prints. 

    These three artists have different histories, visions, and design styles which makes the pyjamas all different. 

    In addition to the beautiful pyjamas the brand sells eye masks. In addition to pyjamas for children and adults, the brand would like, in the future, to add bathrobes and t-shirts. 

    WOKEUPLIKETHIS can you give us the opportunity to stay in our pyjamas all day ! 

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