10 tips for more sustainable family behavior

Avoid food waste

You must have a concern to teach your children tthe importance of finishing all meals to avoid wasting food. This not only prevents contribution to landfills. Decorate your children's dishes to encourage to eat a little bit of everything. Eat some of your meals during the week so you buy only what you need and get creative with leftovers.

Use reusable bottles

It must combine water savings and material resources such as plastic, which take so many years to decompose. For that you can start to encourage the whole family to have a reusable bottle when you need to go out.

Try more plant-based meals

Limit your impact on the environment by encouraging your children to eat less meat. It's a surprisingly simple way for all of us to help save the planet. You don't need to become totally vegetarian or vegan, we believe that everything is a question of balance. Try eg #MeatFreeMonday and then expand to more days when possible. A great ecological tip for families!

Cut down on the AC

Many countries live with the problem of high temperature to which they are subject. As a rule, people often use air conditioning. All that use of energy, however, could be harming the environment and your financial life. Whenever you can, open the window for some natural air. If you can't live without your AC, set it between 25 and 27°C for the most energy-efficient temperature.

Avoid single-use plastic

Plastic consumption is one of the greatest scourges of humanity. From bags for your coffee cups to plastic wrapped in plastic... Take some folding and reusable bags with you when you shop for food, instead of using plastic grocery bags. Place sandwiches in beeswax containers, discard disposable silverware, and take your own cup of coffee with you when you take it on the road.

Say no to straws

Avoid plastic straws wherever and whenever you can. There are great reusable options that you can take with you and restaurants nowadays also have several solutions.

Wise up to recycling

Making society less 'disposable' is a commitment from all of us and a great message to show your children. Teach them to recycle and reuse materials.

Donate goods to charity

Children grow up at breakneck speed, you should clean out closets and set aside clothes and toys for donation. This is one of the most important and promising sustainability actions promoting a circular economy.


Teach them about nature

There is no better way to educate children in the environment than to train them outdoors and in nature! If you have a vegetable garden, create a sustainable vegetable garden, or why not take your children to the market more often to buy fruits and vegetables and explain to them that they are foods provided by nature.

If your children grow up with a love and appreciation for nature, they are more likely to want to save it! If it's raining, try animals encyclopedias, educational YouTube channels, and online learning. But whenever you can make them use nature outdoors.

Go car-free as much as possible


Currently, there are several ways to save the use of cars, whether public transport, scooters, bicycles, or making more trips on foot. All of these are initiatives to reduce toxic gases released into the atmosphere and contribute to a more sustainable planet. Cities are growing their infrastructure so that this reality is increasingly possible.


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