We help you help the world

Here at Sustainable Makers, we support conscious buying and want every customer to know what they are shopping for.

We work with 4 impacts: social, cultural, environmental and economic, and several categories aggregated to them.

Within every product page you will find the symbols that illustrate the categories in each impact. Look for these symbols and find out what impact this product has

Social Impact

Social Projects

Products that think about people, working towards social cohesion and equal treatment in the fields of justice, transparency and individual and collective responsibility.

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Fair Trade

Products that prioritize human beings and social sustainability. Fair trade dignifies work, practices social responsibility and sustainable management of natural resources.

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Cultural Impact


Products made by hand, that promote and foster traditional crafts.

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Environmental Impact

Sustainable Innovation

Products that save resources, such as the amount of raw material, waste, energy and water, through innovation in production, processes, materials or solutions.

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Natural Materials

Products made with ecological materials, such as renewable raw materials with low environmental impact in their life cycle or products with an organic certification.

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Recycling and Reuse

Products designed to be recycled, repaired or that are processed from waste materials or by-products.

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Products made of used materials that are not subjected to a new treatment and transformation. Instead, they are used for other purposes.

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Products that do not use any types of materials or ingredients of animal origin. These products are made from plants or use a sustainable alternative. They are never tested on animals.

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Cruelty Free

Products produced and developed by methods which do not involve cruelty to animals.

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Products that are made from materials produced by organic agriculture. More than that, all production must protect natural resources, conserve biodiversity and use only approved substances.

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Products that don’t contain ingredients that have been linked to toxic responses in humans.

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Economic Impact

Local Production

Products made to sustain local communities, produced with sensitivity to place and scale, usually using materials from the region where they are made.

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