Eco Designers: Designers Who Want To Change Fashion Codes

Here are the designers who have had the courage to question their industry and challenge overproduction. Sustainable Maker’s favorites:

1/ Stella McCartney has not used leather or animal fur since the creation of her brand in 2011. She has stopped using PVC, considered the most toxic of all plastics, she is also abandoning virgin cashmere for regenerated cashmere and developing sustainable viscose. In addition, she donates part of her profits to associations. For her “one of the main priorities is to educate people on the real impact of their consumption: we must buy less and buy better. We also must consider the waste that has become uncontrollable. We can come out of this pause as an industry and as consumers and say: hey… we can do better!”

This designer is always on the lookout for new practices and innovations.

2/ For Paul Smith, it is urgent to reduce the collections by really listening to the needs of consumers: “we need to rethink the frantic pace of fashion, with all these collections presented in one year”.

3/ Paul Marciano, co-founder of Guess, uses less water and develops a less polluting dyeing process.  

4/ Vivienne Westwood: “Buy less, choose well, make it last”. Aware of our society’s climate problems, she uses slogans such as « Climate Revolution » or « I am not a terrorist »during these fashion shows.

5/ Giorgio Armani, in 2016, announced its intention to stop designing collections that include fur.

6/ Gabriela Hearst: « you can make beautiful products while respecting the environment”. The artistic director of Chloé advocates eco-responsible fashion with her own label.  

7/ Li Edelkoort is a Dutch fashion and trend forecaster. She was named by Time Magazine as one of the 25 most influential people in fashion. She founded a non-profit humanitarian association that helps artisans in developing countries.  

There is a growing awareness among some of the players in the luxury fashion industry! But there is still much progress to be made… At Sustainable Makers we support these creators, and we are confident and optimistic for the future, together we can change things!

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