Green Logistics

Green logistics is, as the name implies, the set of sustainable policies and/or measures aimed at reducing the environmental impact resulting from the activities of the logistics sector.
This logistical approach affects the configuration of transport processes, structures, systems and equipment, distribution and storage of goods.
Green logistics has been adopted by many companies, in an attempt to keep their activities less aggressive to the environment and more controlled.
The difference between green logistics and traditional logistics is clear: it deals with a greater environmental concern.
We have been talking about how consumers value companies with environmental concerns and how they are more informed about their actions. Adopting green logistics practices, in addition to contributing to the conservation of the environment,
can also act as a differentiating factor from all competitors.
Benefits of Green Logistics
-Environmental sustainability
Environmental sustainability is in fact an issue that needs to be considered and incorporated into business practices. It is important that companies/organizations
have responsibility in their activity, that is, in the way they place a product or service on the market. Being responsible in the way they use natural resources is also beneficial for their functioning and so that these resources do not become
scarce in society.
-Cost reduction
Costs are something very important to any company, so adopting sustainable practices generates savings, because we are talking about the way resources are
used. This approach leads to the reuse of all raw materials, packaging, waste, etc.
Searching for transparency, having a structured plan and practicing everything in a concentrated manner is what guarantees the company's credibility.
Consumers are more concerned about the positioning of brands and their practices.
Nowadays, sustainability is also a positive marketing for organizations. A company that adopts a less aggressive attitude and is concerned with the entire cycle of its
products tends to win over more people.
How to integrate green logistics?
-Manage your shipping processes. That is, it is important to plan the volume of trips made and the emission of pollutants well. Reduce to the maximum the number of
times that the carriers are active. Furthermore, it is important to rethink the type of transport used.
-Reevaluate your suppliers. If they do not work in a sustainable way then your company's logistics is not entirely green.
-Review your packaging. This is one of the main points to be addressed when talking about sustainable practices in companies. Think of materials that can be
reused and reused by the company.

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