Green Marketing

Our planet is facing many threats every day and in the smallest actions taken by all of us. Air and water pollution, soil erosion, food waste, plastic pollution and the waste of fashion industry. To solve these problems, many companies are starting to produce their products in an environmentally friendly way. Also, the level of eco-consciousness among consumers is increasing, so people prefer to buy eco-friendly products, even though their price may be higher.

Green marketing has a positive influence on people's health and the cleanliness of the environment. This type of marketing involves all phases of a business, from packaging to public relations and sales strategies.

Benefits of Green Marketing

With green marketing, as companies can create sustainable products ​​and thus reduce the negative impact of waste on our nature. Being green allows you to earn the trust and loyalty of interested customers. This allows:

  • stand out in an increasingly competitive environment;
  • reduce the negative impact of production on the environment;
  • save energy, reduce the use of natural resources and the carbon footprint;
  • produce recyclable products;
  • improve the credibility of a particular brand;
  • enter a new audience segment;
  • ensure long-term growth;
  • implement innovations;
  • get more revenue;
  • Using eco-friendly paper and inks for print marketing materials
  • Skipping the printed materials altogether and option for electronic marketing
  • Having a recycling program and responsible waste disposal practices 
  • Using eco-friendly product packaging
  • Using efficient packing and shipping methods
  • Using eco-friendly power sources
  • Taking steps to offset environmental impact


Green Marketing Strategies

Sustainable design: It's not just a recycling logo on the product packaging, it's a complete product lifecycle in mind. You must pay attention to details: the sources of your materials, the labor workers in the process. Above all, your company must control the amount of waste generated and the way your products are packaged and delivered.

Responsibility: If you're thinking about going green, your brand must be ready for a profound change. Green marketing means becoming aware of adoption. To prove the sincerity of your intentions, reward your company in terms of ecological and social responsibility and show customers that you care about our planet.

Sustainable packaging: Excessive use of plastic is the number one reason for our planet's hierarchy. Nowadays, consumers are more responsible, so it is advisable to create recycled or plastic-free packaging for your brand.

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