How To Create Your Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are very popular in order to promote fashion conscious consumption. What started out as a niche practice has surged overwhelmingly into the spotlight alongside Marie Kondo's organizing guide and an overall minimalist aesthetic.



The Capsule Wardrobe Trend




Since you already know what led to the creation of the “capsule wardrobe” concept, it's time to take action and build it.

The objective is to define a minimum of pieces in your closet, including clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry. The ideal is to select between 30 and 40 pieces for all seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. This type of capsule wardrobe helps organize your daily life and encourages intentional style throughout each season.

This concept doesn't work in all regions, so be mindful of what you really need based on climate and lifestyle. Northern European countries, for example, have maybe two seasons, only a larger “winter” capsule wardrobe can be implemented.

If you're not ready to redesign your entire wardrobe, a minimalist style product and opt for more sustainable brands.

Finally, remember to make your style personal and that allows us to find confidence in ourselves. Capsule wardrobes can be considered to only include a minimalist aesthetic filled with neutral pieces, clean lines and patterns - but that doesn't have to be the case. There are no rules for what you can and cannot wear!

Remember: there is no universal wardrobe when it comes to a capsule cabinet and it can be what you want and need - there is no one right way to try a capsule collection. All these variations are simply tools for each individual to discover who they are, what they like and what clothes make sense in their lives. Sometimes limitations are just what we need to spark incredible creativity!


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