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Saint Basics is a Dutch brand that was born 10 years ago, with a well-defined mission: to produce 'cleaner underwear'. Not to make a profit, but to provide the consumer with the basic 'feelgood'. And in the meantime, change the textile industry a little from the inside.
The brand makes softer basics with natural materials like eucalyptus. Great fit, anti-smell, no scratchy labels. About 95% more eco-friendly than common products. And 100% free of pesticides, child labor and unfair trade.
In early 2016, Saint Basics stood out in the market as one of the first brands to make clothes made from eucalyptus, as an intimate complement to organic cotton. Eucalyptus products currently represent around 80% of total sales.
The Saint Basics brand respects labor laws and supports productions that respect them, so it is ethically made in Portugal.
Eucalyptus has become the main choice in the production of Saint Basics pieces for several reasons:

More sustainable raw material

Compared to conventional cotton, eucalyptus has a 95% smaller ecological footprint. It also uses 96% less water than conventional cotton and 80% less farmland in its production.
There are other objects with excellent properties, but are less useful for intimate items, however, reduced comfort:

  • hemp, has very hard fiber. It often has to be mixed with cotton to make it softer, but that makes the product less sustainable.
  • linen, same story. Only after several washes does Linen become softer to the touch.
  • recycled cotton, an interesting option, but hard to find and hard to get consistent quality.

Eucalyptus properties

Eucalyptus is soft and has natural properties for breathability and moisture absorption. These properties make the fabric ideal for underwear and sportswear. Ideal for a run or a yoga session.

Support the forests

As contradictory as it may seem, the eucalyptus we use helps protect forests. It comes exclusively from FSC certified plantations managed by the Austrian company Lenzing. According to the Canadian NGO Canopy, a non-profit organization that fights for the preservation of tropical forests, Lenzing is a supplier of the most responsible wood in the world.
FSC-controlled eucalyptus cultivation actually means more trees are being planted. This is good news considering that 30% of the wood fibers used in fashion come from ancient and endangered forests.

It's made in a zero-waste process

Eucalyptus wood chips are made into cotton-like fibers in a zero-waste process. Lenzing AG, a Saint Basics partner, uses the NMMO process to do this in a completely green and eco-friendly way. It is a closed loop system, allowing 99.5% of the solvent to be recycled multiple times to produce new fibers and minimize harmful waste. The process is also very energy efficient and 87% of the energy used comes from renewable sources. This unique process, which won the EU Environmental Award, reduces the ecological footprint by 95% compared to conventional cotton.

More expensive but worth it

A suitable price for the most commonly used synthetic fibers in selling eucalyptus is that it is 2 to 3 recycled or organic fabrics like synthetic fibers or that reflect obviously not. But you will get a 100% natural, sustainable and comfortable product. If you like a high, conscious quality to your routine/or if you exercise comfortably, consider investing in quality and wellness staples for your mindset, skin, and overall.

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The Saint Basics brand also has several certifications that prove the sustainability of production:

Source: Saint Basics

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