Sustainability at Fashion Weeks

The fashion capitals are ready for the season that, this time of year, brings sophistication and trends. Until the end of February 2022, the spotlight will be set in catwalks such as Paris, Milan, London and New York, which receive the shows of designers, from the most classic to the irreverent and where trends and glamor are combined in an immersive atmosphere. between fashion and art.
In addition to the colors, patterns, cuts of clothing, bold hairstyles and makeup, the presence of digital influencers, renowned fashion journalists and top models, there is something that is capturing attention. Sustainability is the watchword of the new era of the fashion industry.

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Sustainable Fashion

All brands, even Haute Couture, see sustainability as one of the biggest bets when launching their new collections. The choice of materials and the care in production are the characteristics that stand out the most.
However, in the universe of sustainable fashion, it is not necessary to think in the territory of responsibility and sustainability without more habit of sustainable and minimal responsibility values, but never losing refinement.

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Copenhagen Fashion Week

Of all Fashion Weeks, the Sustainable Makers team choose the Copenhagen Fashion Week, to describe in this article, where sustainability is the main area of ​​focus.
Copenhagen Fashion Week (CFW) strives to make considerable changes to the way the event works and works towards being a more sustainable industry.
The Danish capital lives these days with an energy focused on fashion events, extraordinary exhibitions, concerts, fashion shows and sophisticated parties, presenting its products at fairs such as CIFF and fashion events, where you can buy and have discounts, the latter open to the public. For all these reasons, Copenhagen Fashion Week is an event that cannot be missed on the itinerary of fashion enthusiasts, nor of the inhabitants and visitors of Copenhagen.

The New Talents

A CFW aliou-se ao Talent, o programa de talentos da Swedish Fashion Council, proporcionando o envolvimento de ambas as organizações no apoio a jovens estilistas de todos os países nórdicos. Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO da Copenhagen Fashion Week numa entrevista ao portal Fashion Network, referiu que este apoio aos designers mais jovens é tem em consideração a renovada perspetiva de design que promovem.

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CFW - Sustainability Plan

The Copenhagen Fashion Week organization has as one of its main missions, the reduction of greenhouse gases, to minimize the climate impact. Since 2019, collaborates with Climaider standard, certified by Meter Meter Measuring, Reducing and Neutralizing as its CO2 Reduction Carbon during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Focused as a reduction in event production areas such as ground transportation, electric-only driving and electric bus service, leaving to produce fashion week products such as t-shirts, and offering only vegan/vegetarian food.
However, the CFW organization confirms that reconciling sustainability and hospitality conditions remains a “challenge”, as an international event and industry platform, it is essential that it continues to invite and welcome high-level publishers and buyers who want to go to Copenhagen Fashion Week, especially as it manages to broaden its international positioning.
The 2021 edition fights the use of plastic waste. For the spring/summer 2022 edition, collaborate with Denmark's SmallRevolution, which brands in collecting plastic hand sanitizers and cleaning products to turn objects into podiums.
Backstage plastics are also prohibited from using, such as the coat hanger and clothing bags behind the scenes at local shows, reduce plastic consumption and the resulting organizer utilize Grohe to provide a usable water bottle stations for attendees and brands.
For this edition, the organizers will adjust a combined compensation rate to ensure that all fair programming compensates as their officers for the combined protection of their environment. As brands that display the tax independently of carbon. As of January 2023, all brands on the official show schedule must clear their show emissions to be eligible for display during Copenhagen Fashion Week, as outlined in the 2023 Sustainability standards.

Photo by Acielle / StyleDuMonde
Looking first for the future, the report states that while it waits on the implementation and execution of its actions, in 2022 are also thinking about the near future, in 2023-2025, setting new goals and refining the strategy for the coming years.
Another focus is to continue with international partnerships to amplify the impact of the 2023 Sustainability Requirements. Thus, the Copenhagen Fashion Week organization wants to drive changes in the sector on a global scale.



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