What precautions to take with e-commerce

E-commerce is the marketing of products and services over the internet, where transactions are carried out via electronic devices such as computers and smartphones.


This type of commerce can have several sales channels, and the best known is the online store.


There is no doubt that there is a growing trend in e-commerce around the world. The situation that each country and the whole world are experiencing also contribute to this digital growth.


In addition to offering convenience for those who buy - the customer does not have to spend energy or time going to a physical store, - e-commerce has many advantages for those who sell. Some of these advantages are: an online store available 24 hours, which assists customers from all over the world and even the costs to open the company are lower than for a physical store.


However, it is necessary to pay attention to some fundamental issues for the proper functioning of e-commerce.


Provide an online chat: so that the customer can get in direct contact and clear up any doubts in real time.
Transparent checkout: if, at the time of checkout, the customer is redirected to another site or doesnt feel that the website itself is safe, he may feel insecure and have doubts about the store's credibility.
Offer multiple forms of payment.
Working social media channels: publishing content in order to feed” potential customers with information and thus be able to engage the public and attract traffic to the store.
Keeping stock up to date: it is necessary to keep control of the availability of products so that there are no delays in deliveries, complications for the customer, damagingbrand image, etc.
Strictly comply with the legal aspects that an e-commerce must follow.
Prioritize logistics: meeting delivery deadlines is essential in e-commerce, and the choice of logistics must be precise. Always clarify the delivery times, have express delivery option, among others.
Have an exchange policy: just like a physical store, in the virtual store the customer must be able to exchange the product, if desired. It is important to define terms and conditions for exchanges, also informing the collection of possible additional amounts.

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