10 Ways to be More Sustainable

Switch to a green energy provider

One of the quickest and simplest ways to make a difference in the way you live is to switch to a green energy supplier. All the electricity you use through a 100% renewable tariff is effectively zero carbon.

Switch off!

Leaving the TV on standby should be a thing of the past. It wastes unnecessary energy and actually increases your bills. It's simple: if it's not being used, turn it off! Another piece of advice is to have a smart energy meter at home. Recording these results can be an easy way to reduce consumption and your bills.


Recycling is an increasingly simple process, that's why we don't understand it as people who are not in the habit of recycling. Find out on the competent authority's website about local recycling policies and what is done in your area of ​​residence.

Eliminate plastic

Eliminating plastic can be extremely difficult. However, with more places with paper bags and reusable bags ​​and even household products available in unwrapped form (everything from cleaning products to pulses, among others), the process is becoming easier.

Get walking

There is no longer any justification for using the car for short trips. If you can walk to your destination in 20 minutes or less, get some fresh air. Consider the impact of these short car trips on the environment, and being more active can benefit our health too.

Reduce as much as possible

Ask yourself this simple question: How much time do I spend in the shower? If you're shocked by your answer, it's time to rethink. Whether it's how much time you spend in the shower, how long the heat is fully on, or how much time you spend re-boiling a kettle for that cup of tea that isn't ready yet - all that time and energy add up. So if you can save a few minutes of your morning shower, consider making a small change.

Turn down the thermo

There are several tricks we can use to keep our heating appliances off for as long as possible. It's cold outside, there's no denying it, but our bodies are able to survive things more traumatic than the weather. Put on an extra sweater, wrap yourself in a blanket, put on your coat when you're out and about to feel the benefits.

Switch to reuseable cups for morning coffee

Many of us need a morning coffee to start the day, and it's very encouraging to see how many coffee shops take the cost if you bring your own reusable cup of coffee. Do this as it is also an effective way to live more sustainably. 

Light up with LED

LED lamps last longer, are much more energy efficient than conventional ones. And there are so many different designs now that you can get the effect you want for your home. You'll also be replacing light bulbs much less often, which saves a lot in the long run.

Spread the word

Talking about environmental issues often will help others develop a greener conscience. Setting an example is a very powerful thing, so we really shouldn't forget how influential we can be.

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