Sustainable Self Care Habits: The Benefits Of Switching To Shampoo Bars

Self-care is all about the things we do to take care of ourselves – physically and mentally. It’s really important, especially in busy and stressful times.

Self-care doesn’t have to be an expensive spa trip, or eating perfectly 100% of the time. It’s actually the opposite! Self-care includes the small, healthy choices that we make for ourselves, such as getting an extra hour of sleep, nourishing our bodies with fruits and veggies, and even doing a light stretch.  

However, some usual self-care practices can leave us feeling a sense of guilt, for example when it comes to habits that are not as sustainable as we may think.

So, how can we adopt a more sustainable self-care routine?

Add a sleep meditation to our evening routine: If you have stressful days, a little meditation is a wonderful way to soothe our bodies into a relaxing sleep.

Add some lemon to your morning glass of water: Lemon is a great fruit and can help us doing a detox. Why not start our days with a morning cup of water and a squeezed half lemon? We will see clearer skin! 

Start stretching after our workouts: Stretching is so important to keep proper muscle functioning. Plus, it’s a great stress-reliever. Once we are done with our workouts, we can start implementing a simple stretch routine.

Practice mindfulness on our daily walks: It’s so easy to let our minds race while we are walking. There are just so many things going on inside our heads and around us! However, we can focus on the feeling of each foot hitting the ground, the sound of the birds, the feeling of the breeze sweeping across our faces, and how the sunshine soaks into our skin. This will definitely make us feel better.

Invest in ergonomic equipment for our offices and desks: Believe it or not, humans aren’t meant to sit all day long. And unfortunately, most of us spend plus 8 hours a day sit down at our desks. And while we might not be able to avoid sitting completely, we can invest in an ergonomic chair, laptop stand, and mouse to give our bodies a better chance of adjusting. 

Add some greens to every meal: We could all use some more micronutrients! Make a little effort to add some sort of green vegetable to each meal, whether it’s spinach in our smoothies, some broccoli with turkey burger, or green beans to go with salmon. 

Buy Yourself Flowers: Upgrading our self-care routine can be all about the little stuff you do for ourselves. For example, even if it’s just buying flowers at the street market. Something just for you. 

Upgrading Your Hair Care Routine: Switching from traditional liquid shampoos to solid shampoo bars can have a huge impact on our environment.

Benefits Of Switching To Shampoo Bars

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars: Why?

Some quick facts to understand:

  • 90+% natural ingredients
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • SLS and SLES free
  • No parabens
  • No microplastics
  • 100% plastic-free packaging

Let's know more:

    • Less Water: Bars are made with less water than other liquid shampoos, so they have a higher concentration of other ingredients. This means a lower carbon footprint than their liquid counterparts, which make bars an easy swap if you want to reduce your own carbon emissions.
    • Less plastic: Plastic bottles last for about 450 years in the marine environment. Also a million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute! However, with bars there’s no liquid, and no need for plastic bottles. Making this simple switch can have an enormous effect in the long run, avoiding waste and discard.
    • Travel Friendly: Forget about the liquid restrictions when going travel! Shampoo bars are very easy to pack when traveling by plane to anywhere. They are also an ideal option for a non-messy post-workout hair routine.
    • Durable: Shampoo bars are more concentrated than traditional shampoos, so it will make you use less product per application, and the shampoo will also last longer. Plus, being much smaller and more light-weight means that these type of products are great for saving space!
    • Vegan: Many standard shampoos contain animal-derived chemicals. This is not the case of most bars: they are vegan friendly and cruelty-free. Instead of harmful chemicals, they contain natural ingredientes like oils, which bolster hair health and strength (coconut, lavender, nettle, argan and shea are some examples).

Now that you know why the bars are an amazing sustainable option to add to your hair care routine, you may want to know some tips.

  • Keep the bars away from spraying and splashing water. If you prevent them from collecting water, you will make them last longer. Instead, allow it to drain and dry before your next use, so it might be a great option to keep them away to keep them out of the shower.
  • For best results while traveling, pat the bars dry before storing. 
  • Do not store wet bars in cans or use cans to store the bars in the shower.

These products are available at Sustainable Makers, and comply with our impacts, a set of sustainability criteria. You deserve a more sustainable self-care routine, that can start here! Shop now.


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