Is It Possible To Be Responsible In Your Kitchen? Yes Chef!

Here you will find our tips for saving plastic, energy and money in your kitchen.

Nowadays, there are countless options of great brands, like Beewise, that provide life-changing products to make our life easier. 

Beewise was founded to encourage people to live a sustainable life by helping and informing them to make conscious choices with the day-to-day products they use. Beewise's mission is to reduce the use of plastic by making sustainable, reusable and non-toxic products available to everyone. Beewise believe that through small changes, we can collectively make a big impact on our planet. And so do we!

You can find Beewise products, on our website at: 

Now, let's go to the tips: 

1) Be careful with your waste

Always try to cook only the amount of food you need, so that you can avoid food waste. 

Also consider recycling your food waste such as vegetable peelings, eggshells or loose tea... 

The vegan food wraps from Beewise are ideal for keeping half of fruits and vegetables fresh in and out of the fridge, avoiding them to go to the garbage or to become inedible. They let food breathe and preserve it! You can reuse these food wraps over and over again without having to throw them away after a single-use. Just wash them with cold water and a mild soap and they’ll be ready to go for the next batch of produce you bring in!

2) Reduce your plastic consumption and one use items

Use reusable lids and swap plastic straws and cups for recycled plastic. 

For example you can try to avoid single-use items like baking paper. Once this type of item is disposable after one or a few uses it creates loads of waste and can’t be recycled because it is made by a mix of plastic and silicone, furthermore the bleached paper has toxic dioxin, which is released when heated. Instead opt for a reusable baking mat, that you can use for a thousand times. It has a non-sticky surface, and doesn’t release toxins. This item is dishwasher safe and can be used in a range of -70ºC to 260ºC. You can find this amazing reusable baking mat that saves many resources at our website.

3) Pay attention to the energy losses of your household appliances 

Refrigerators are energy-intensive appliances. Storing food means closing the fridge door properly. 

If you are not sure about buying a fridge, look for an A++ class fridge, which consumes much less energy. 

4) More responsible shopping 

For your shopping, think of buying in bulk or near your home, in local stores. And, give preference to bulk foods. 

When you go shopping opt for a reusable tote bag, and avoid single use bags. For example a multi-pocket shopping bag made with organic cotton, can be very practical to carry all the products from the supermarket or any other type of items. See the options of Beewise with their creative sentences on the tote bags!

Also if you are one of those people who feel annoyed to keep using plastic bags when buying products such as fruits, vegetables, then the reusable Produce Bags from Beewise are just what you need!

They have a natural color, provide easy air circulation, have a neat cotton pull string to prevent products from falling out, and making it perfect for short-term food storage.

5) Avoid the bin

As far as possible, try to always reuse any leftover you have. For the rest, use selective sorting! 

By using this reusable products and following these tips you are helping to protect our precious planet and to minimize environmental damage and plastic pollution in our oceans, waterways, and ecosystems. See these changes as new experiences and share them with us!





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