The most successful Portuguese ecological brands

More and more we see that Portugal and Portuguese brands are going green. Without wanting to encourage consumerism, and knowing that everyone of us still likes to shop and own good clothing, we advise you to escape from fast fashion and opt for brands with a smaller environmental footprint.


Here is a list of 100% Portuguese ecological brands:



The brand was created in 2017, in Vila Nova de Famalicão by partners Ana Costa and Ana Ferreira. Their pieces are designed to be used for a long time, over different seasons and years

One of the main goals of the brand is to reduce the amount of resources used in their products and not to use micro-plastics.Their orders are sent in reusable packages, and it is possible to send an old piece back to the brand to recycle or resell.



Cuscuz defines itself as a unisex brand of accessories (sunglasses and earrings) that focus on sustainability.

It is a brand created by father and daughter: Ana Mendes, designer and her father responsible for manufacturing. All products can be customized to your liking.




Näz is brand characterized by minimalist pieces, neutral and modern, designed by Cristina Costa design.

They do not use water or toxic waste, favouring the use of surpluses and contributing to the reduction of environmental impact and carbon footprint (at least 30%).

Thus, the brand believes that the reuse of what already exists is an excellent way to create products. And when necessary, ecological fabrics are created from organic or sustainable fibers.


Daniela Ponto Final 

All pieces are made by hand by designer Daniela Duarte, with the help of her grandmother, therefore, those who wear Daniela Ponto Final know that they are wearing unique pieces. Daniela tries to provide the perfect combination of fabrics used withcreating a fresh, modern and ecological product.

The starting point for creating each piece begins with the question: What to do with what already exists?



Zouri stands out for the reuse of plastic waste, collected from national beaches by over 600 volunteers (in total, they have already collected more than a ton of plastic).

Created in Braga, in addition to plastic, Zouri uses organic cotton and Pinatex, a kind of leather made from pineapple leaves and natural rubber.


Captain Tom

After a course held at Maria Modista in 2019, Raquel Tomaz decided to turn her brand into a sustainable brand. Captain Tom uses ECONYL®, a lycra from Italian company Aquafil, which uses synthetic waste, such as industrial plastic, fabric and fishing nets found in the oceans, then recycling them and transforming this waste into nylon thread that later results in bikinis and bathing suits.

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