Trends in the sustainable world

We live in a world where it becomes increasingly urgent to care for environmental
preservation. The world belongs to everyone and it is for everyone, we all have equal
responsibility for it.
Sustainability has transformed the daily lives of people, but also of companies. The
creation of more conscious business models, the exemption of a greener economy and
preventing the loss of biodiversity has been the statement of many organizations.
Some trends have come to light recently, when it comes to sustainability and ethics:
-A more conscious consumer
Consumers have become more concerned with what they buy and its impact on the
planet. They worry more about their habits, both in terms of food and what they wear.
They seek to broaden their knowledge of this topic and commit to their choices in their
day-to-day lives, thus opting for more transparent brands and with this kind of value
-Circular economy
There are more and more companies adopting circular business models and realizing the
opportunities of this choice. The use of existing products, adding value and upcycling will
be one of the trends. By transforming unused products or waste into higher quality
products, companies are extending the product's useful life.
-Zero waste
As previously mentioned, companies are committed to more sustainable models and, as
such, they are trying to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, by using packaging made of
sustainable and reusable materials and reducing waste.
-Slow fashion
The industrial sector is one of the most polluting in the world. The choice of second-hand
stores or upcycling, are some of the bets of consumers for a more conscious and
environmentally friendly consumption.
Brands are also betting more on the use of local raw materials (such as fibers and natural
dyes) and synthetic fibers from recycled plastic.
Conscious business is the future.

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