Vanilla Sand - A Business Inspired By Nature

Vanilla Sand was created in 2018 by Corinna Dickenbrok. The brand aims to protect mother earth and to support local artisans. And, of course these are the goals that inspire everything at Vanilla Sand - a business inspired by nature.

The brand sells bikinis, swimsuits, beachwear, beach shorts, tops, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits and also sweaters for the colder days. The products are available form women, man and also kids.

The founder, that is from Germany, was studying in Portugal when she felts really inspired to create its own brand. It wasn’t long before her dream converted into a real business plan. So, it was the beauty of Portuguese beaches and the desire to protect the environment that encouraged her to create the sustainable brand.

Corinna and their incredible team have conceived and developed a label for their customers, thinking about the desire to feel easily and confidently chic with a focus on sustainable integrity and community. So, they’ve partnered with Portuguese and Brazilian manufacturers, in order to create handmade garments for the modern woman or man and their off-duty lives. 

All collections are manufactured in small quantities to avoid generate textile waste. Production is carried out in Portugal, precisely in Barcelos, and also in southern Brazil with decent conditions and fair trade.

The values and the commitments of Vanilla Sand are reflected in each collection they release. So, the source of natural or recycled fabrics are really important, as well as the encourage of local artisans in comfortable and safe conditions.



Next-level natural tones:

Choosing the right materials is also a very important thing for Vanilla Sand. So, all their colouring are made from 100% plant-based dyes!

Organic Cotton

The brand also creates apparel from organic GOTS certified organic cotton to protect their soils and to reduce water consumption. This means that there are no genetically modified seeds and restricted use of many chemicals, pesticides and fertiliser, which makes everything safe for the environment and the farmers.

100% Bamboo

Bamboo is a renewable resource that can be harvested without harming the plant. Furthermore, it only takes a few months before the plant is ready to be harvested again. While it grows, the bamboo plants help prevent soil erosion and conserve water. This makes Bamboo a rising environmentally-friendly garment choice.

More about sustainability

Vanilla Sand proves that design and sustainability can go together and are mindfully creating their own standards having in mind all their values. The brand are sustainable at all points of their production process, which is definitively an important criterion when it comes to sustainability. All the suppliers are hand picked small artisans who support fair trade. Moreover, they are GOTS and PETA certified and cruelty free certified.

The brand also assumes an active role in social responsibility and all partnerships established always have a purpose that goes beyond commercial and sales reasons. With their partnerships, they aim to help other projects grow and create a spirit of mutual help and community.

New Spring Capsule Collection - Euphoria '22

Vanilla Sand launched Euphoria'22, this collection is liberating refreshing, expressively emotional and pleasant anticipative. This state of excitement shows us that we should live our dreams, and spring is the best time to do it!

A “feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness” which we sometimes can’t put into words is what describes the new collection euphoria. The theme for the capsule collection EUPHORIA Spring’22 is liberating refreshing, expressively emotional, and pleasant anticipative. That state of excitement shows us to live those dreams routed deep inside us for long. We all know that bittersweet political-social reality. The paradox is the fewer the excitements, the more meaningful they become.

The comfort of the fabrics and the styles, which are thought to offer options for any type of body, are the great differentiating factors of Vanilla Sand and their collections. The bikinis can be mixed and matched and combined in different ways, offering a great option of combinations of tops and bottoms, allowing people to freely use their creativity. Plus, there are also reversible bikinis, all focused on sustainability, versatility and design!

At the moment, the brand is thinking about creating a yoga clothing collection, so that they can expand the business, and reach a larger target audience.

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