What are the advantages of joining a sustainable marketplace?

First of all, the question that prevails is “What is a Marketplace?”. Well, this is an easy one. A marketplace is nothing less than a platform created with the purpose of selling and promoting products of several brands or companies at the best possible price.
As it becomes more important to consume in a sustainable way everyday, buying products in an ethical way and according to your needs seems fundamental. This is why we created Sustainable Makers. 

So, why is it so beneficial to join our marketplace? We know that sustainable companies are still a bit unknown in the market, even though people are starting to look more for this type of products. 
Therefore, it is important that the brand or company is well positioned in the market. Selling at our marketplace expands your recognition, as it is a marketplace with consolidated credibility and the resources and know-how necessary to sell your products.
A marketplace can work as an additional sales channel and have a significant impact on sales volume. Without spending a lot of money, you are present in a platform that will bring you more visibility and recognition. The more the platform is visited, the more audience you are reaching with your products. 

Since you don’t have to invest in marketing and advertising, your costs are reduced in time. There is no need to promote your brand and your business because the marketplace does that for you already. 
The more recognition the marketplace has, the more visitants, which will lead to a greater visibility in the market, generating new clients and business growth. As a consequence, you may feel the need to expand your offer and range of products. 

Another advantage to consider is your geographic situation; it is possible to grow your brand and reach a new, international audience.
Finally, in a time where buying online has become a preference, betting on a marketplace is the ideal way to make your products available 24/7, just a click away. 

Do you want to gain awareness and stand out from your closest competitors? Join us and enjoy a secure platform while selling your sustainable products. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us and embark on this great project.  

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